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Six Alternatives to White Carrera Marble

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Six Alternatives to White Carrera Marble

White Carrera Marble. It’s all the rage in home design magazines, Houzz, and Pinterest today. It’s a beautiful material that compliments a variety of design styles from Contemporary to Tuscan and many in between. There is a drawback to using a light colored marble in your home however. Marble is prone to etching and staining so as you can imagine, although your kitchen may look stunning when it’s unveiled with your new countertops, over time as you spill cooking oil, orange juice, red wine, or anything acidic your marble top will tell the tale and leave you losing sleep at night. Here are six alternatives in granite or quartz to give you a similar look, but still allow you to sleep peacefully knowing your gorgeous new counters will look just as grand as the day they were installed.

White Delicatus Granite
Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
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Taupe Light Granite
                                                           Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
Cambria Quartz in Torquay
Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
Kashmir White Granite
Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
Imperial White Granite
Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
Luna Pearl Granite
Photo courtesy of Houzz.com
No matter the reason you love White Carrera marble, whether it’s the clean white appearance, the gray and white coloring, or the beautiful veining that runs through it, there is a more durable alternative that will still give you the appearance you desire without the worry of staining or etching. We hope these images inspire your next remodel project!

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