Cleaning & Sealing

Tampa area Granite Countertops

Stone Saver offers the complete line of cleaning and protecting products from Akemi, the worldwide leader in stone care, as well as help and education for your natural stone products. Call (813) 949-7906 to order. Prices do not include shipping and tax.

Akemi Triple Effect

$18.95 + tax

Cleans and protects, granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces in one single step. Simply spray it on and wipe off with a dry cloth to produce a shine and add new lustre to stone. Food safe and highly effective in preventing staining.

Akemi Anti-Fleck/Stain Repellent

$49.95 + tax

Stone sealer and stain repellent, used for water, grease, and oil repellent treatment of stone and grout. Apply to a clean dry rag and apply to surface in a circular motion being sure not to overly saturate the surface. Allow to dry. If water applied to the surface beads up the surface is sealed properly. If it is absorbed by the stone repeat application may be necessary. Under normal use will not need resealing for a year or more.

Stone Care Kit

$32.95 + tax

All-in-one kit includes Stone Cleaner, Stain Repellent, and Clean & Polish-In-One-Step. Smaller sized 8oz bottles of the top three cleaning and maintenance products for your granite, marble, or other natural stone. Safe for use on countertops, outdoor kitchens, window sills, or table tops.