Quartz marble countertops are a simple but effective way of adding elegance, style, and character to your kitchen or bathroom. A well-designed countertop unit will look good and efficiently perform its functions. Countertops can be more or less expensive, depending on your chosen material. Changing your laminate counters with granite or marble counters will make your kitchen or bathroom look better. Most people struggle choosing marble vs quartz countertops.

Marble vs Quartz Countertops

Quartz includes silicone, sand, and other minerals. Marble is an organic rock that is quarried and cut into slabs, then polished and prepped for installation. Both countertops can have exquisite finishes, especially when your contractor engineers them with patterns or swirls of color in them. Depending on the style and finish you select, the surface texture can be as smooth as glass or as rough as stone.

Performance- Marble vs Quartz

Quartz is one of the easiest materials to maintain when comparing quartz vs marble. It resists staining and scratching better than most other countertop options, and you can clean it in the same manner as any other stone or ceramic surface. This makes it ideal for families with children or pets. However, unlike quartz, marble is softer and can be cut more easily into different shapes and sizes to fit any space. Quartz countertops also last much longer than many other types of countertops.


Both are very strong and durable materials that fit well with traditional and modern kitchen decors. Marble is more expensive than quartz, but it looks more authentic. Marble has a very classic look, but it can be easily damaged. Quartz is more resistant to scratches, heat and moisture. Marble does add character and elegance to any kitchen decorating idea. On the other hand, quartz has a modern look with more excellent resistance against wear and tear and other damages that could affect its appearance over time.

Aesthetics of Quartz and Marble

There are many options available to create an attractive and durable countertop. Quartz can come in many colours, making it easier to match your existing furniture or kitchen decors if you remodel in the future. Quartz is the most popular choice due to its outstanding properties. Marbles come in many colours but are not as varied as quartz ones, so if a variety of colours is vital for you, then quartz could be the best option. Marble is preferred due it its unique veining features and classic look.

Price Points Of Quartz Countertops Vs Marble

Quartz countertops have become increasingly popular due to their low price point and durability. Marble has a much softer feeling than quartz, and the difference in price between the two will be enough to make any potential buyer choose quartz. Quartz is slightly cheaper than marble because marble countertops cost $50-150, compared to quartz that goes for $40-100 per square foot. Old or antique marbles are precious because they have been around since the time of the Greeks and Romans.

Pick the Right Countertop for You

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose between marble and quartz countertops. Both marble vs quartz gives you different benefits and drawbacks, but one of them is undoubtedly perfect for what you are looking for. Both give you a beautiful countertop, and both are durable and last long.