Granite countertops have been the most popular choice for kitchen countertops over the years, and in recent years, granite countertops in Tampa have seen significant improvements in quality and appearance. Furthermore, granite is a low-maintenance material that is simple to keep clean and maintain its appearance.

Granite Countertops Tampa Ideas For 2022

Neutral tones

Granite hues with a neutral undertone are trendy right now. Countertop experts suggest neutral whites, creamy colors like beige and beige-blue tones, and a variety of other natural mid-tone colors.

If you are looking for a countertop that can mix with any color scheme, neutral-toned granite is the way. When it comes to neutral-toned granite slabs, you have a wide range of options. Choosing a neutral color for your countertops is a good option if you do not want them to stand out.

Butterfly beige granite is a popular neutral-toned countertop color. A beige granite countertop with black, cream, and white specks is featured here. Colonial white granite and white granite with black/gray flecks is another neutral trend this year.

Leathered finish

If you are looking for a countertop finish out of the ordinary, leathered granite may not be the best option. Leathered granite is typically seen in open areas and deeper tones with no gloss or light-reflecting characteristics.

It may not sound appealing, but the rough granite is excellent at hiding stains, scratches, and other evidence of daily use. Leathered granite is ideal for kitchens with many, especially in darker colors.

You may want to choose this finish if your kitchen has a lot of natural light. It is ideal for locating this exceptional finish on black granite countertops because the rough texture blends in better with the overall style. There are varieties of other colors in this finish than leathered black granite that may be found.

Spectacular Patterns

Granite countertops are making a comeback in 2022, with many households preferring products with eye-catching and patterns that serve as the kitchenette’s centerpiece. House owners and designers alike have recently been drawn to complicated designs and colors and many crisscrossing and marks.

The more complex the surface, the better. Keep the remainder of your kitchen decor toned down, and you will have no problem! The following granite countertops are famous examples of this design:

  • Picasso Granite is a gray granite with flecks of gray, black, and white that resemble a work of art by Pablo Picasso.
  • A version of the Blue Granite color scheme, Blue Pearl features a stunning assortment of color specks in various blue hues, giving the surface a more disheveled appearance.

Finish: Honed/Matte

Want a granite slab that is more subdued, serene, and earthy in appearance? A low-sheen honed finish on granite countertops in Tampa has become a popular choice in kitchens in 2022, with a low-matte sheen that resembles eggshell finish paint. This granite style can look stylish.

Granite with a honed finish is an outstanding practical choice because of its reputation for etches in the slab. Distinctive honed granite designs can be available, and the more common black and gray hues help disguise dirt even more.

Best Granite Countertops Tampa

Granite Countertop Colors

In Tampa, white granite countertops are expected to be the most popular choice for scullery countertops. They have a fashionable and versatile appearance that goes well with a wide variety of kitchen cabinet colors. The only white slabs that can be purchased are ones with flecks and distinctive marks, but even these can work well in your kitchen and give it a unique look.

There are many different hues of white granite countertops, making it simple to pick the perfect one for your home. White granite countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns.

  • White ancient granite
  • Granite in the white color of Andromeda.
  • Granite from Alaska that is white.

Best Granite Countertops Tampa Best Granite Countertops Tampa
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Kitchen Countertops with Black Granite

Black is a solid and bold color. Black granite countertops with white and gold that are genuinely eye-catching compared to all-white granite countertops are distinctive for any kitchen.

Whether you choose the dazzling black galaxy or the gloomy Nordic black granite, these granite countertops will make you feel like you are stargazing. The following are the most prevalent:

  • Black granite from Norway
  • Black Galaxy Granite in the Desert Dream Color

Best Granite Countertops Tampa

Best Granite Countertops Tampa

Blue Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Blue granite kitchen countertops are rare, frequently compared to the ocean. You could use it in your kitchen or bathroom because of its swirling patterns, which can be both lively and soothing. The designs and color intensity vary widely from saturated blues to lighter tones that are more subdued. Listed here are a few examples:

  • Blue Pearl Granite Brass Blue
  • Granite Amadeus Granite

Gold Granite

Regardless of the season, gold-colored granite kitchen countertops are always in style. When paired with dark green or black cabinetry, gold granite creates a moodier and whiter kitchen.

Granite countertops in gold are a popular choice for those who like to include warm tones in their kitchens, such as cream, brown, and yellow. Listed here are a few examples;

  • Gold Almond granite
  • Picasso, because of its unique color
  • Namib Gold Granite from Namibia

Granite and Quartzites

Slabs are available in a dual finish – One side in a leathered or brushed finish and the other in a glossy finish. You can select which compliments your décor the best. Quartz is also available in a glossy or matte finish.

Best Granite Countertops Tampa