Granite countertops have remained the most popular choice for kitchens over the years, and in recent times, granite countertops near me have greatly improved. In 2022, new granite kitchen countertops designs will continue to make an impact.

In 2022, vast improvements in export processes and manufacturing will increase the global affordability of granite kitchen countertops, which will continue the direct competition between granite and marble.

Granite, however, outshines marble in terms of hardiness, solidity, durability, and less porousness. It is also not as prone to etching and stains as marble. Additionally, granite tends to have lower maintenance needs and is easy to clean.


Here Are the Latest Granite Countertops Trends Of 2022

White Granite Countertops

Even with the fact that white granite is plenty popular, the trend is not bound to slow down, and in 2022, these granite kitchen countertops will become highly trendy.

Their stylish and compatible look will work with almost any kitchen cupboard color. Although it’s impossible to purchase pure white slabs, those with irregular markings and flecks will still work great and add a unique character to your kitchen surfaces.

The white granite countertops come in various shades, making it easy to find something that will fit and suit your design preferences. The main variations of the white granite countertops include;

  • Colonial White Granite
  • Andromeda white granite.
  • Alaska white granite.

Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Black is dramatic and bold. It adds a unique touch to any kitchen and black granite countertops featuring white and gold veins that are genuinely eye-catching compared to the all-white granite countertops.

From the glittering black galaxy to the dark Nordic black granite, you really will feel like you are gazing up at the stars with these granite countertops.

Here are the most popular;

  • Nordic Black Granite
  • Desert Dream Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite

Blue Granite Kitchen Countertops

Blue is pretty sensational and uncommon in granite kitchen countertops, and it’s often compared to the ocean. It comes with swirling patterns that are likely to evoke a dynamic movement on your kitchen surfaces, and when used in your bathrooms, they can be quite tranquil.

The patterns and color intensity can range from deeply saturated hues of blue to strong veins of a lighter shade with more muted tones. Here are some examples;

Gold Granite Colors

Gold makes a statement. Class. Granite kitchen countertops made of gold remain trendy no matter the season. Gold granite complements a moodier and white kitchen, especially when used on dark green or black cupboards.

Gold granite countertops are a top choice for people who love using warm tones such as cream, brown and yellow in their kitchens. Here are some examples;

  • Almond Gold Granite
  • Picasso Granite
  • Namibian Gold Granite