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Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops

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Vetrazzo Recycled Glass Countertops

We just completed the training to become authorized fabricators and installers of Vetrazzo glass countertops and can’t wait to put our first one in! I’ll give you a little insight into recycled glass tops and what to expect if you decide to put one of these beauties in your home!

 I found this picture online and couldn’t resist. Too cute!

Vetrazzo is the name brand of recycled glass tops and has been in business since 1996, originally beginning in Berkeley, California. Since then manufacturing of the slabs has moved to Tate, Georgia where it is distributed nationwide. All of the glass in Vetrazzo is from 100% recycled sources. Vetrazzo comes in a variety of colors to match any color palette you can dream up. You can find anything from Skyy vodka bottles, to pieces of stained glass windows, to safety glass all in your recycled glass counter tops. At least 85% of every slab is comprised of glass with the other portion coming from a mixture of cement, epoxy, and a blend of proprietary materials.

 This is my favorite color- Floating Blue

Vetrazzo reacts very much like natural stone in a number of ways and can be used inside for bathroom and kitchen tops, as well as outdoors in outdoor kitchens, or pools, both in residential and commercial applications. It’s not recommended for use outdoors in places that have extreme temperature changes so Florida is the perfect place to offer it with our typically hot, hotter, and hottest climate.

This top is the Skyy Blue color with Patina applied to give it the dark background color.
I hope you enjoyed this article! We can’t wait to put a Vetrazzo top in your home!

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